In Marquam, Oregon you find yourself in a spectacular pastoral setting, minutes from the forests of the Cascade Mountains and all of their offerings and grandeur, as well as on the eastern edge of the fertile Willamette Valley, not far from the rustic end of the Oregon Trail, amidst abundant farms, wineries, and ranches.

Throughout the spring & summer workshops are offered at the Abiqua studio. Originally built as a produce and meat locker in the '30's, the space has been repurposed for creative endeavors. Complete with high speed internet, traditional darkroom, film, and digital capabilities, strobes, et al... this location is approximately 45 minutes south of the Portland International Airport and imbedded in the natural world.

In every workshop Mr. Deshler relates the creative process to finding your authentic voice with a mix of studio and location experiences designed to enhance and educate your creative muscle while generating new synaptic connections.

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Photography Workshops
-Basic Photography Principles
Music Instruction (ongoing)
Call or email to set an appointment for a lesson.
-Beginning theory
-Begining Piano
-Brass study
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Digital Photography                                                                                     Music

Large Format Film                                                                                   Trumpet

Studio & Location Lighting                                                                            Jazz

Darkroom Techniques                                                                    Music Therapy